About Blurredpixel.

We are a branding and website design agency ready to uncover your unicorn.
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Photograph of Celia Yarwood, founder of Blurredpixel

Celia Yarwood

Founder and Designer
I started this online agency, to offer my design services in branding and website design, after deciding to step away from the corporate world. I previously worked for Addison Group, which is part of WPP, the leading advertising agency in the world. I have been designing for over 5 years and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

I love getting in on the ground floor and working with entrepreneurs and companies who aren’t sure where to start with their brand or website. It can be a tricky to find someone who makes you feel confident that they can fulfil the vision you have for your business. I hope you will reach out and grab a web coffee with me to discuss how we can take your brand and website to the next level.
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Effortless, fun and friendly

The journey we will take together will be a fun experience. The experience that appears effortless. The minute you contact us to when we launch your brand or website. At every stage we ensure you have all the information you need to assist us in creating a brand or website to remember.


The work is proof itself for what we can achieve with your brand or website. Crafting the right brand experience to building and launching your next website is where we can succeed together. You will have full confidence that what we produce together will impact your business going forward.


A lot of care and attention goes into each brand and website. From the initial stages of sketching and wireframes (the initial outline of the website) to the details of implementing colour and icons and patterns. Every element is considered and crafted to what will benefit your business most.


 Photograph of Gavin Bell
Kal Moktar, CEO of Skraps
Celia and her team were a dream to work with.
I highly recommend them!
 Photograph of Gavin Bell
Gavin Bell, Amplify + Blue Cliff Media
I needed new branding for a Facebook ads course that I was going to launch and a re-design of my business website to match the direction I wanted to go in. Celia talked me through what her ideas were and I was impressed from the beginning.  I loved the outcome of both projects and highly recommend for anything brand and web design that you might need.
Photograph of Dylan Hey
Dylan Hey, Personal Brand
I was about to launch my own website when I realised that my personal branding was all over the place. I needed help. Celia was able to turn my vision into reality and now I have a website and brand that I can be proud of. One that matches my personality and has already generated me significant return on my investment.
Photograph of Sara Peden
Sara Peden, Political Campaign
I made a decision to run in an election and had to get up and running immediately. I'm not a visual person and I don't know anything about design or websites. Celia was able to calm me down, chatted with me easily and asked all the questions needed to figure out what would work best for me. I started getting traffic there immediately. It was just a small, local election but I got over 6,000 votes in a 4 week campaign.