Creative Process.

Do you want to know the process behind how your website or  brand is created? Take a peek below!
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Icon of a chat feature with a smiley face to describe having a web coffee chat

1. Discovery

Let’s have a web coffee chat! We’ll take a deep dive into your project and what you’re looking for. First thing is for me to get close to your business, to really understand what you and your customers will be looking for in your brand or website. I need to understand the problem in order to produce the best possible solution. Completing the in-depth questionnaire that will be sent with your welcome pack allows me to do this. Communication across the whole project is essential, so you’ll receive weekly project updates and a scheduled call to discuss any issues you might have.
A light bulb with arrows pointing towards it to describe the creation of the web and branding ideas

2. Create

Once I have all the information I need,  I can begin to develop concepts for your logo, or wireframes for your website. We will review 2 or 3 concepts in a brand/website presentation which I’ll prepare for you. That’s when we can discuss what is and isn’t working for you. This is the most important stage. You and I need to bring all the elements of the brand or website together before finalising the look and feel later on down the line. Timely, open and honest feedback is imperative for the project to be a success and to launch your brand or website out into the world.
A circle with a question mark, cross and tick to describe the developing of the project.

3. Develop

This is where your project comes to life. It develops from the initial concept stage to something resembling the final outcome. The smaller details of your project come together here. We develop marketing materials, icons, backgrounds, and anything else that is included in your package. For the “brand and website’ package, this where the two parts come together. We bring the brand to the website and develop the designs into a prototype which you can see online using Invision.
A icon of a rocketship to describe the launch of your new brand or website.

4. Launch

This is what you have been waiting for since the beginning - the launch of your website, brand or both! Don’t worry though, you  aren’t left alone at this stage. We’ll have a long call (of up to an hour) during which I will ‘walk you through’ your brand and/or your website. You will also have guides that I’ve sent your way for anything you might not understand. When it comes to maintaining your website, how to keep your website safe, creating consistency across your brand and more, you’ll have the tools you need.