4 things to improve on your website right now

December 2, 2017

I won’t be delving into analysing your google analytics or optimising SEO. These all have their place but making small changes to the design of the website can make a difference in attracting customers. The first 7 seconds of visiting a website should make a statement and keep the user wanting more from you. Those seconds are crucial as to whether someone will stay on your website.

Make that call to action button a different colour

For any CTA button (a buy button as example) you want the colour of it to contrast and be different from your brand colours. Your brand colours are the colours you use across different mediums on repeat. The reason for this is people’s eye will be scanning the page and with the contrast of colour, it will direct their attention to it. You want their attention for where you want to direct your user. This could be buying your service or product or signing up to your newsletter.

Appropriate typography

For a non-designer this can be difficult if you are DIYing your website. Each typeface is a slightly different size even if you were to specify 17px. To leave it as default could be impacting the success of the design if not taken into consideration. You want people to easily digest what you are saying and selling and using the correct typography can make the experience easier. There are a couple things that you can implement today. The first being to restrict the website to no more than two typefaces and that is ideally in-line with your current branding.

Establish a footer with links

After observing website traffic using Hotjar, we started to notice that once people had scrolled to the bottom of the homepage the user would use the footer links to navigate to a different page. The statistics were clear that under utilising the footer could impact how long the user stays on the website.

Checking your website is accessible colour wise

We use a tool called colour contrast analyser to check and compare how the different colours on a website perform to ensure they are accessible for all people who may come across your site. It’s important to not use too many neon and very bright colours as this can be distracting for the user. A combination of a darker color with a lighter color will bring contrast to your brand colours.

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