The approach

We looked at Dylan's current brand on his social channels and his goals for this project. We wanted to craft a new and unique identity for his personal brand that would define the voice and tone for how his customers could and would approach him on both social media and his website.

Analysing the attributes of his brand, we realised they weren’t in line with how he wanted his personal brand to come across. These are the new brand personality attributes that fed into the design concepts:

Crafting the brand identity

It was evident from the beginning that we wanted to play on Dylan’s last name, ‘Hey’. He mentioned that he often gets comments thrown his way that references his last name. We wanted to craft this element of his brand name into an experience that people would remember, even if they interacted with it for only a minute. We opted for a playful, custom designed, waving hand that appears friendly and approachable like Dylan.

Experience the website

We took the new brand identity and translated it to a custom designed website on Wordpress. The experience for the user was to direct them to book a power hour or signing up for his newsletter. We designed custom illustrations and icons to fit with the logo style. The contrasting orange color was added to the palette and used as the call to action button. This is always an important signal to the user about what is most important to click on.

Brand awareness on social

We took the custom background we had used on his website and used it for all his social media banners. A lovely little detail is that within each circle there is a different social platform that he is active on. This is coupled with his headshot and logo. We used different versions that we had designed for different use cases. It’s important for social banners to have the consistency to enhance the brand.

Lead magnet

Dylan needed a lead magnet for his website that he would advertise on his social platforms to entice people to sign up for his newsletter. He created content and we created the final e-book design. It was important that the e-book was a distinct asset but incorporated visual elements of his brand. We stuck to the same color palette and introduced new illustrations to represent the content inside. We remain consistent in color, typefaces, and style to continually enhance the brand for an audience.


"I was about to launch my own website when I realised that my personal branding was all over the place. I needed help. Celia was able to turn my vision into reality and now I have a website and brand that I can be proud of. One that matches my personality and has already generated me a significant return on my investment." 

Dylan Hey, Personal Brand.

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