Monthly Support

FarmaTrust needed monthly support in the lead up to the ICO and during the first few weeks of the launch. Various graphics were produced in order to develop the FarmaTrust brand.

Website Refresh

The CEO of FarmaTrust wanted to refresh the direction of the brand and alter the first half of the current website. The approach was to be clean and minimal in design to make it easier for the potential investors to read about the ICO. We only worked on the entry point of the website and to freshen up certain parts further down to match as the base of the website had already been developed by another company.

Whitepaper Redesign

With the direction of the new website in place we decided to redo the Whitepaper. These are the designs for the first version and focused on providing clear structure for the potential investor. All of the diagrams were redone in the clean and minimal style.


As part of the retainer the team could request any additional graphics. These were an example of what was produced from t-shirt graphics for events to Facebook ads and social media posts. They all followed a similar style that had been developed eariler on.

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