Project Goals

The first goal was to educate any potential investors on the benefits of Skraps and why they should invest. Displaying information correctly and efficiently such as an explainer video, how Skraps works and the token distribution did this. It was important for the information to be clean and simple for the user in order to reduce the bounce rate on the websites.

The second goal was to develop the Skraps brand that would influence their social media and any collateral associated with the brand. We used the original logo with the diamond and developed the style with a more contemporary user base in mind.   

Development of wireframes

Skraps had their company website and a website specifically for the ICO. Two concepts per website were created in the initial design stages. The previous website was lacking information for the potential investor and this was thought about carefully before starting the wireframes. The purpose was for the potential investor to learn more about Skraps and to buy the tokens. The essential information for the ICO was displayed on the homepage so no user had to click away from the website.


We used the diamond pattern that had been used previously and developed it to be used in dynamic ways across the website such as in the backgrounds. We took the diamond from the logo to create shapes and patterns that could be linked back to the Skraps brand and the connotation of small change investments can add up. The opening video was important to have integrated into the website in a playful way that used the custom illustration for describing what Skraps does.

Development of the Brand

Skraps didn’t have a defining brand across their website or social media. They needed a clear direction to make sure the ICO connected with potential investors. We wanted to create custom illustrations and icons that could be used across various platforms that would be recognisable. The main illustration of being able to take spare change and invest it using Skraps was one of the first brand designs to pull the whole thing together.


With the development of the websites and branding for Skraps we decided it was important to redo the original Whitepaper to make it user friendly and easily readable. The original was hard to read and the illustrations didn’t match the visuals we had designed for the website. We increased the typefaces for it to be read easily online and re-designed all the illustrations and graphs to compliment the text.


"Celia and her team were a dream to work with. I highly recommend them!" 

Kal Mokhtar, Co-Founder of Skraps.

View it live:

Company Website

Skraps Cards

ICO Website

Whitepaper - English