The approach

Dylan was launching a new podcast in line with the content he had been producing for his Facebook group and social platforms. The keywords associated with this project were: business, social media, growth, friendly and professional.

The podcast logo and designs needed to have a mix of professional but friendly enough that it fits with Dylan’s current brand that we designed.

Developing the brand

We started from tiny sketches of how to use the words of the podcast: ‘The Social Media Growth Show”. We had the end goal in mind of the artwork needing to be recognizable and stick out in the hundreds of other podcasts while scrolling.  That was our goal from the beginning.

The use of FatFrank as the bold typeface to have the user focus on the words “Social Media Growth” was important. This paired with the cursive typeface added balance to the typography and could be sculpted for different use cases.

Testing the artwork

We posted looking for feedback for the podcast artwork covers in Dylan’s Facebook group. They had three options below and had to comment A, B, or C. It was great to see people’s feedback on which they preferred. The overall winner was C and they preferred the background swirling in towards the centre, which gave focus to the design. It was also the subtle details of the blue banner behind Dylan’s name that matched with the logo that made this the podcast cover a success.

Top 50 Podcast in Business

These are screenshots from the podcast app that show Dylan’s artwork and logo in action. The use of orange in growth helps to attract the viewer’s eye when scrolling in the app. If they can read ‘”Social Media Growth” in a split second while scrolling this will give Dylan the chance to grab their attention if they are interested in the subject. You immediately know what to expect for the podcast and this is enhanced by the overall design.

Sell More with Social Media

We evaluated Dylan’s social channels and had realised that the Facebook group was in line with what the podcast would be discussing. We wanted people to easily reference the two as being hosted by Dylan and decided to implement the branding from the podcast to the Facebook group. It was received well and is very simple to tell people the point of the group.

View Live:

The Social Media Growth Show Podcast

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